continued: searching for HALFHEARTED 2018

It seems to be very weired and strange that Mao and halfhearted didnt find a way to come together. It did attrack a lot of people from china. I dont know if they ever found something. For sure not the things they were hoping for.

At least 半心半意 मैंमाइक毛   managed it somehow. I wonder if ever some indians were involved too. I do remember one more nickname, that was quite wonderful.

Well that was past. If you have been around on the first mjhd site on the chat, pls contact me. ASAP.

In the meantime I have started to email the contacts from my old site 🙂


If you need access to the password protected blog, pls contact me. I need to verify you, only known users from the old site will be given the password!!



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