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continued: searching for HALFHEARTED 2018

It seems to be very weired and strange that Mao and halfhearted didnt find a way to come together. It did attrack a lot of people from china. I dont know if they ever found something. For sure not the things they were hoping for.

At least 半心半意 मैंमाइक毛   managed it somehow. I wonder if ever some indians were involved too. I do remember one more nickname, that was quite wonderful.

Well that was past. If you have been around on the first mjhd site on the chat, pls contact me. ASAP.

In the meantime I have started to email the contacts from my old site 🙂


If you need access to the password protected blog, pls contact me. I need to verify you, only known users from the old site will be given the password!!



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where is the MASTER in this masterpiece?


LOVE is not the only message here 🙂


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9 years ago

the following is in rememberance of the original site


If you do remember it pls contact me. I would like to share some memories with YOU



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Welcome to Sodom

Seems like a reprise from a topic I once used on my old site,

now they call it Sodom. And YOUR smartphone is already there! Weiterlesen

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lily & jack II: versus hate

A topic I hoped to never mention it. Because we had our times, when this all was just the opposite. It was all about love. It was and it is, this is the reason why I am here. But years ago this turned into hate and darkness.light

It is not my goal to fake, to lie, to bring you down or to destroy you. It has never been and it wont! PERIOD. If you still feel this way, something real big went wrong. Think about it! 

Plus stop playing mind games.

But I do make mistakes! Yes I do.

But does give you the right to accuse me? To offend me? To „kill me with words“? Have you ever considered to understand the „whys“ and the „hows“? EVER?

How about you? Weiterlesen

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9 years ago – against forgetting or are google search machines on a glitch?

So this is nearly unbelievable – this year is now the 9/10th year when this all started.

So one or two things to remember.

Something I really dont understand is the FACT when  you have been around 24/25 of june 2009 and when you tried to search the internet with the search string michael jackson.

You didnt have to search a long time for this phenomen, but probably Weiterlesen

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