What is the meaning of „Look with your heart“?

„Look with your heart“ is a phrase often used to express the idea of seeing beyond what is on the surface and looking deeper to find the true essence of something. In the context of Michael Jackson, it could mean looking beyond his fame and public image to see the person he truly was, with all his flaws and humanity. It could also be interpreted as a call to look beyond the negative perceptions and rumors about Michael Jackson, and instead focus on the positive impact he had on the world through his music and humanitarian efforts.
In addition, „Look with your heart“ could also mean to listen to Michael Jackson’s music with an open heart and really feel the emotions and messages that he intended to convey. It’s a call to connect with the art and the artist on a deeper level rather than just listening to the music superficially.
Overall, „Look with your heart“ is a reminder to look beyond the surface of things and to find the deeper meaning and true essence of something, in this case Michael Jackson’s music and legacy. It is a call to see with a more open and understanding perspective, to appreciate the emotions, the message and the art.

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