9 years ago – against forgetting or are google search machines on a glitch?

So this is nearly unbelievable – this year is now the 9/10th year when this all started.

So one or two things to remember.

Something I really dont understand is the FACT when  you have been around 24/25 of june 2009 and when you tried to search the internet with the search string michael jackson.

You didnt have to search a long time for this phenomen, but probably most of the people did not pay attention to it:


I have seen this google search result with my own eyes. I did the same search like it can be seen here on the screencopy. So we do have a domain name called „michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com“ plus the date june 23th 2009!!!!! 

Some people call it a glitch – I dont do this error.

This site was INDEXD BY GOOGLE on june 23th 2009. Period.

Means the domain name plus its content was found and indexed by the google search machines on 23th 2009. Do you remember the exact day when Michael Jackson was pronounced dead?

Yes correct: it WAS NOT JUNE 23th 2009 !!!

You cant fool google search algorithm. There is only one explanation for  this:

this domain went ONLINE „few moments“ BEFORE michael jacksons death!

No time zone problems, no google glitches no other ways how you can explain, why the site was found and indexed on june23th. PERIOD.

This site must have been online on june 23th 2009. Very few moments BEFORE the real thing took place.


The mysterious domain owner and homepage admin came each day online and did have a very close eye on the content. I do remember some chat members which have been around those days. Lets say it have been 10 to 15 „hardcore“ members who went quite often online and chatted around. All sorts of mysterious explanations could be found on the site about the death of the King of Pop.

Then suddenly on August 4th 2009 the admin of the site decided to close the site. It was at first announced in the chat system. So I decided to make a COPY of the content of that site as it was on August 4th 2009.

You can find this copy here  http://memory.lookin.biz

the forum is here: http://memory.lookin.biz/index_8.html



Oh yes a short sitestep: reason was called „reached capacity“. This was a fake. But this helped to get rid of some unwanted parts.

Plus one copy of this complete snapshot of the site was sent by me to a member of the chat. I cant recall the name now. Probably this copy is still somewhere online.

So this was the entry for me in this world.  And I wont forget this. This is against oblivion. I dont understand why really no one was interested in this issue of 23th june 2009.

No – this was a rhetoric question. In fact I do know the answer.





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