„lily & jack“ and more: the truth

„the truth.. “ by me Martin

Before I am going to explain a true life story I must make you aware, my english is not my native language. So pls reread things twice before you could misunderstand my sentences or words. And I am also not giving out full names of peoples I do mention here. I do respect people and their privacy and as an admin of a site, which finally attracted people from all over the world!
I am not going to reveal them, their identities or their words. But I will make use of first names, thats it or nicknames!

So here is the “story of lily and jack”. I dont know why this story is still interesting for some people. I managed it over the months and now nearly 3 year period to close this part and story and to step on in life again. I declared it once and I re-do it here: it’s a story that I realized with time is not real . And if people do assume it was created to generate somehow money: no you are wrong with your assumptions. It was only done because of oneness, truth and love. Obviously such things went out of control over the time. But let me explain it.

It was around end of june 2009 when I stumbled upon a technically google problem, where a so called Michael Jackson Hoax death site was picked up from google and indexed with the date june 23th 2009. That time I was intensivly searching about the death of the king of pop, about Michael Jackson and I could not really comprehend and accept it, this King and genious man and person had died and would have left this world. Obviously I was not alone in these longing for “truths” and searching. Michael Jackson died on june 25th 2009 just as a recap. So with the slightly wrong date of june 23th 2005 and going online with a mjhd site I was fully investigated already on this tragic death and it make me wonder what was really going on.

Around that days a former friend of mine, his name is Dom, did coincidently start on the same topic to discuss things with me. He started to tell me stories about a dead and alive body which was flew to germany on jun 25th 2009 to the so called plastination process. My exfriend Dom. started to tell stories and made me believe, Michael Jackson could consists in reality of a  set of doubles, one person survived and one person died that days. Plus he made it plausible to me the one who survived would want the “true” story out there somewhere on the internet, to tell the truth to the people. A Michael beeing poorly and really suffering beeing not able to tell the world this “true” story.

Well due to the fact I did trust this man, and because of his words and energy he did put into this, he made it more than plausible to give him my ears and ideas and I finally allowed him to give me more input on this. He did also advise me to name the persons Jack and Lily. Lily would be a secret woman/wife of a Michael.
He did contact me quite often and made me finally to convince to setup a  lily and jack site and was asking me to tell the “true story” behind june 25th 2009 there.
Now beeing in a dilemma, because english is not my native language and because I was around that mjhd-chat site and searching why this site was on before jun 25th 2009 I did ask people on that site who were able and willed to answer me some few questions about flight dates. The only person willed to answer was Dragon, which is Clare. That has been my initial contact with Dragon. Giving me help on flight details 🙂 Clare explained me very soon, she had seen or dreamed 3 days before of the jun25th 2009 a Michael dying, but he would have survived. So a lot of discussions around the topic Michael Jackson had been created. The moment I did ask Clare, if she would be willed to help me, in putting out a story about “lily and jack”, she added: yes for sure. And someone around her had given her this prophecy already times ago, that Clare would create a sort “of book” and write stories.

The basic principle behind lily and jack was: I was feeded my some ideas and stories by this dom, which pretended to hold a connection to the plastination people, I did transfer the few ideas to Dragon and I gave Dragon full FREE HAND to create stories with magic and love and oneness on the lily and jack site.  So day by day and week by week stuff was put online there.

It took not long time to have a lot of people around and on the site. Passive ones and actives ones. I cant recap all names, which did visit the lily and jack site. But names I can remember have been: Aida, Akkadienne, LesFat, Unicorn, Duesi, Fanni, krp, someone from asia etc plus much more. Worldwide people were attracted. Not only thru the site people did start to email me, also via youtube like people with nicknames like flem, C. and Cath. and more and more. I trusted some of the people and the ideas they have. I see now most theories were not true like the doubles and the plastination.

I did fully trust on Dragons words and ideas. She made me believe it. She made me belief she owns capablities of times and astral travels. She made me fully belief in her words. One fine day she had revelaed her secret: Clare does believe she had visited Michael Jackson via astral travel in younger life and Michael had fallen in love with her. So from that moment on Michael Jackson had fallen in love with that girl/woman and was desperately searching for her. You can also add the topic “twin soul” there.

It was in early summer 2010 when Dragon decided to contact throuh me one of the commenters on the site. I will call the person she contact „Someone“.
After few emails „Someone“ and Clare started contacting on their own. To explain Clare talked to „Someone“ on her own email and didn’t use mine anymore. I don’t know what they talked. Clare told me after a short and intensive email contact this would be the real Michael Jackson. The alive and only one.
She convinced me that this was the real one. Clare told me they had talked about different possibilities for them and future.
But the same time when this love was blossowing I had to learn Clare was living in a real desperate and lonely situation. Her partner and Clare did go seperate ways and Clare was trying to live on her own in a real huge house with 3 children which she had to take care on her own.
You can surely imagine how hard was for her, I tried to uplift her, help her, always listened to her in her desperate situation.. All sorts of problems with her partner, I tried to encourage her, to give her new power to go on. The family affairs did bring her down very often. I can provide enough emails from her prooving this all.
Its not a good feeling when you know the time is running out because of the lack of money and facing words like: she would become homeless, three children would end somewhere on the streets etc. All sorts of that stuff. All sorts of alternative running up and down and doing suggestion her those things. There have been a lot of problems around, she had to face on her own. It started in 2010 and did not end in 2012.

Now back to the emailer named “Someone”, a email user and commenter on the lily and jack site. This one did real leave lovely comments and started finally email connection to clare. And after clare told me about her future dreams and this would be MICHAEL JACKSON I went in email contact with that person too.

“Someone” was not a form of regular posters. “Someone” was a person or writer which did stay off for longer times and came back from longer times of distances to stay few weeks. I tried to verify this person, I ended up by an anonymous TCP/IP adress, this one never revealed where he/she was living. But the emails exchanged with that person were very intersting and touching. Clare can confirm about the emails.

So I can imagine very well, Clare had fallen in love with that person. Whatever they have exchanged – I dont know. But this person did keep me busy too. Sometimes this person spoke about coming back to world, sometimes this person was speaking about dying in peace somewhere lonely on a desperate island due to health problems.  Plus this “Someone” told us “we two should stay together” (virtually) because of the way we have created the magic and love and topics on the lily and jack site.

So each time this “Someone” did vanish on mysterious ways the more Clare was on deep down course and the time when “Someone” was around Clare was full of hope for a better life and a brilliant future. Me believing in a hoax idea, a Michael Jackson would come back, Clare waiting for her twin soul. But time did come to doubt all stories, all sorts of ideas and all sorts of visions which had been put out on the site and on private emails.

The stories of DOM which he still tried me to put out got more and more absurd,
after I checked some stories I revealed they were lies, this “Someone” was also not “calculable” in the way a real partnership and love was established between this “Someone” and clare and the very same time Clare was nearly loosing all ground and stability.
“Someone” was in touch with me, “Someone” was in touch with Clare, whoever this person ever was I dont know and I guess no one of us two (Clare and me) was able to verify this person. And for the records and notes now: I do hold nearly each email and skype log chat I did have with Clare. So whenever some proper authorities are willed to contact me, they are welcome to have a detailed look inside this all. There is nothing I will hide. But I am not going to discuss things in such details on the internet.
The time when I questioned the hoax things and more stuff made me fully to waken up. There have been fakers around, I am totally sure on this, not only my ex friend DOM was belonging to this group of people. I had to expirience several anonymous phone calls, I had to face all sorts of lovely and also harassing emails with all sorts of content. It was time to stop this all.
The site went down very soon, but people tried to hold contact over the weeks and months. This did not stop suddenly, but with time. Somehow a magical vibration was created. The main influence did come from “Someone” and Clare beeing somehow on a “love” trip. This vibration attracted many more visitors. But at the end of the day and after all ups and down, this “Someone” vanished the same mysterious way like he appeared before. I doubt now all was true. The contact to this “Someone” stopped.

My real first fall out with Clare have been in 2012 when she started to talk about “ascension”.
Hehe that was quite un-nice, because ascension in a christian view is a different thing to people the ascension which new age people do speak about. Well this year she gave me enough topics to think about, I dont go in any detail, you can surely found all that stuff on her twitter. I don’t believe in all that stuff and I have right to say I don’t. I don’t agree with her and saying I don’t agree is not judging. I have my beliefs. But from that moment Clare decided I would have judged. So this connection stopped too.

Michael Jackson I believe now died on june 25th 2009, that is the bitter truth. Whatever Clare is thinking and assuming – that is her world, her belief. I dont know who this “asmichaelsaysit” (amsi) is or whatever name this person uses, but I do clearly say  these people do play with peoples innocent heart and those game players are only fakers! And unfortunatly they find a lot of people beeing trapped.

Clare has her right to believe in things, whatever they are, but the same right belongs to me.

And it is the same right of privacy, which Clare did not respect when she started attacking me and more people via twitter. I have not given her or to any other one any authorisation for this!
I have nothing to hide and the only reason I didnt give all details to my wife is that I was the admin of that site and as an admin it is my duty to protect identities of the people involved there. Also as well I was afraid that if all that I was told and believed in was true, this could have been very important and I had to keep it in secret not wanting to damage Michael Jackson and the people involved.
Now I know there is nothing important and nothing to hide and I dont mind to give all those informations to the proper authorities if needed!!!!!!

I DO FULLY DISAGREE with Clares recent statements she has made. I dont go in all details but no one has the right to accuse anyone from Jackson family if they don’t know them in person! NO ONE!
Personally I dont know any member from the Jackson, nor did I have any contact to them!! I am just a normal person like nearly most people on this world.

She is her own person and she has the right to do whatever she wants to, but so do I have. And I do have also the same right to be respected. Period!
Clare was not forced to stay online, Clare has and owns all capablilities to ignore and disconnect people and to move on in her life. So no one did mess up with her life. I was around to bridge her hard times and to help her, meanwhile we both have been fooled and played by my ex friend Dom, different persons theories and all strange.

Her lies about me beeing in contact with the jackson family is ridiculous, I might wish to have this contact! I even dont have an idea how to contact those people except via twitter.
ONCE MORE: clare has revealed my personal information and my full name without any agreement, which I do consider UNFAIR giving all we both have been thru. Plus she is attacking with wrong and false informations.

Obviously she has found some people around her, which take good care of her.
And I really wish her lots of love and blessings for the future. And may she find one day peace in her heart.

I dont believe in Illuminati and cabal people like Clare does.

It is my right and we people are different but in respect we find peace.


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